A Variety of Things to Do

MY first assignment of the day was to visit the office of ChildSight New Mexico as they prepared to visit a couple of schools next week. -- ChildSight New Mexico program coordinator Angie Holtsoi uses a lensmeter to double check the prescription on a pair of eyeglasses Thursday at her office in the basement of the Octavia Felin Children's Library in Gallup. ChildSight provides eye exams and eyeglasses for students inNew Mexico, traveling to schools to administer the exams and distribute the glasses.

Shortly after finishing that assignment there was a report of a car fire. The smoke was visible from a couple of miles away. I rolled up pretty fast, but once again got shot down by the wonderfully efficient Community Service Aids who pretend to be full-fledged police officers. They blocked the only road in to this neighborhood a block away from the scene and at the bottom of a steep hill. So I had to find a way in through a dead-end stree and then got permission from a hone owner to go through her yard to get to the scene. By then there is only the smallest hint of flame, and this frame is the fire department smothering it.

The story gets better still (not that it was anything special until this point) - I am standing suite a distance from the scene. The fire is out. The owner of the car came up behind me and asked what happened... it's all over. Suddenly one of the Community Service guys sees me, marches over to the nearest telephone pole, ties up some police tape and starts walking stright at me with the tape. He passed less than a foot in front of me with the tape, I guess to show me who was boss - then realized that the point he was going to tie the other end off to was about 15 feet closer to the fire, and I was well outside of the area he was "securing"

This image did not run, but was more of a problem solving exercise. We have some heavy traffic being detoured over what is essentially a service road and across the railroad tracks. Politicians are looking to get some money to make another overpass in town, and the story was about the need for one. To get the maximum effect for the traffic my first instinct was to get in tight with a wide lens. The problem with that idea is a wide lens would add seperation between objects, and make the traffic seem farther spread out. So the solution was to use a long telephoto lens and make everything stack together, compressing the image and making the traffic problems more apparent.

This final image is from a new diner in town that wanted to do an advertisement with us. While the image works for the needs, I would like to work on honing my lighting skills to figure out how to make an image like this stand out and be interesting. Always more to learn...
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