Water Problems

Sometimes things just don't work out like you hoped. Especially in news photography. I was on my way to find a feature photo when I stumbled across a water line break. Water was gushing out of a pretty large hole in the ground and workers were trying to decide how to handle it. There some some concern over a large section of road and rock tumbling into the area where the leak was, so they were being careful about climbing into the hole.

So I stand around and talk to the guys from the crew as they wait for the water pressure to drop enough to put a clamping collar onto the pipeand seal off the leak. By this time I have invested about two hours in standing around talking and waiting. I imagine seeing this worker climbing into the hole and getting sprayed with all kinds of water and that would be my shot. Well, instead he climbed in from the other direction and leaned down to reach over some other pipes so that he was upside down during the placement of the clamp. So what did I get? A shot of the back of his head.

Once he got things positioned then he climbed over the white pipes on the right and got to work on tightening things down. So I tried to focus on the work itself, the things his hand were doing. I could get just his hands, but what he was doing was not clear, and most frames had the back of his hard hat. A few frames had a portion of his face.

The second image is the aftermath, as he wipes the mud from his hands. I often get so caught up in shooting the over all scene that I overlook these types of details, so that is one of my ne self assigned rules - look for a detail shot.
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