When the Weather Turns Nice...

This first image today was a happy accident. After helping my wife get my son off to day care I spotted a pair of doves in a tree in my backyard. By the time I got my gear and opened the back door they were gone. I stood and looked for them for a few moments and a different bird landed in the tree. I focused and grabbed a couple of static (read: Boring!) images hen it suddenly lifted into the sky. I fired and only afterward, when I brought up the image on the computer did I see the nice blur of motion. I had my shutter speed set pretty low and never even checked it. The downside is that there is so much blur and I know so little about birds that I have no clue what type of bird it is. But it certainly says "Spring" to me.

With the weather turning nice we are all heading out of our homes now. That includes this young musician from my neighborhood who was minding his own business playing in his driveway when I pounced (grin). I used an off-camera strobe to give a different look to the light, but I had some technical issues with my lens and the exposure was too high. This is where shooting in RAW would normally have saved me, but for some reason I had set my camera to JPEG file type and I had to do the best I could with the Shadows/highlights tool in photoshop. What technical issues? Well, a couple of months ago I dropped my 12-24mm lens and it bumped the aperture lever. Not badly, but every once in a while the aperture lever will stick and the lens will stay stuck at f/4, no matter what I set it on the camera. So I told the camera the scene was being shot at f/11, and it exposed it at f/4.
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