Wingate Baseball

I decided today to give the blurred pitcher shot another try after my earlier attempt this month was not published. This time around I went for a bit of a compromise, keeping the image lighter and the pitcher sharp, just blurring the background with a slightly slow shutter speed and panning with the pitcher as he stepped into his throw.

Out at second base. I was able to motor-drive a sequence of this play, and although the runner's face is not visible, the action of the feet in the air makes up for it to me. The previous frames did not have the same sense of the runner trying desperately to make it to base.

Sometimes the assignment is the routine shot, the boring politician thing. Here Gallup's new mayor, Harry Mendoza, was officially sworn in to office this morning after defeating Ralph Richards in a run-off election on Tuesday.

I have shot in the city council chambers on many occasions and I know the lighting is dismal in there. Having a good idea of where the judge and mayor would be I set an SB-800 remote on the councilor's desk area to the left and bounced it off the wall to give some open light with little shadow. Then I put my master SB-800 on pretty directly. It worked pretty well, although the judge's hand did get blasted a bit too much with light and needed some burning down in the editing process.
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