Campus Colors: Self-assigned

Our new managing editor has a different approach to newspapers than we have had here at The GI for a long time. He likes to plan things out a long way in advance. He is a former news photographer himself, and so he has some real empathy for the situations the photographers can be faced with in and out of the newsroom. Anyway, with his decision to extend planning to as much as a week or more it has made things a lot easier for me and my staff. We are getting some time to work on things that we know are going to be used, and we are enjoying free time to look at stand-alone art packages.

I had very little on the books to cover today, and so when I heard about the sidewalk art competition at the Gallup branch of the University of New Mexico I jumped right on it. What I figured would be a single photo, with a possible secondary detail image turned in to an edit of five images for the editor to select from.

As I said, Barry is a former photographer, and he loves to give images space, and loves to present them as packages. So just in case, I decided to let him have a range of things to select from, horizontal and vertical, tight and wide etc.

The result is that the photos are not running tomorrow as a two-image package. Instead Barry is planning on giving me a full page to display the images.

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