Constructive Help

An organization in Gallup, calling itself Care 66, is helping homeless men get back on their feet and rejoin society. Running on a shoe-string budget, and wondering from month to month how they were going to keep their doors open for the men already in their shelter, they have somehow managed to raise funds, get grants and promote their mission of helping.

They are now beginning the construction phase of creating apartments for these men and families who have low income jobs. Even though the project is barely begun I wanted to make some images of the project from one end to the other. So this is the beginning, digging down to build back up. My hope is that once the building is done I can continue to work, documenting the lives of a few of the men who are struggling to turn their lives around. And succeed or fail in their efforts I think it will be important to show how hard it is and how much they try.
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