Culture and Land

What started out as me looking for images of the clouds and fog obscuring the landscape in the distance (below) but ended up finding that a detail of rain water trickling down the red rocks was more intimate and interesting to me.

The actual story that I was working on was far less visual. A speaker at one of the high schools talking to the students and runnig an anti-suicide program. I knew that I needed to get an image of him, and he did wander around a bit as he talked, but I never really had the chance to see him interact with the students. As a result I had to settle for a more generic image than I would have wished for, but it was what I found there.

Clayton Small talks to students at Wingate High School on Friday during his presentation of Native HOPE, a program to aid students and administrators in suicide prevention and increasing the strengths of young people.

After Mr. Small was done talking the students broke into small groups to talk about the ideas and strategies. As the students were moving around and getting situated some of them joined in this drum circle and played a song to go along with the programs goals of keeping the students focused on their roots and being proud of who they are.

Students at Wingate High School join Tony Becenti Sr. around the Sun Elk drum on Friday as they sing during the Native HOPE suicide awareness and prevention program at the school's gymnasium. One hundred students participated in the program which focused on finding strengths and including Native culture and traditions in learning to deal with the emotional stresses and wounds of being a teenager.
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