Olin Vicenti sits surrounded by thousands of bricks and carefully chips the mortar off of each one as he tries to salvage them during the demolition of JFK Middle School here in Gallup. The first images I made were the broader ones, showing just how massive the destruction is and I am happy with those images (below). What I wasn't happy with was the lack of a human element in those images. As I explored the site (I have found that having my own hard hat as part of my gear that I carry is a blessing) I started looking at the different piles of debris that had been sorted. The bricks stacked neatly in the middle of everything being toppled caught my eye. Add the human element of the lone worker in the midst of a large amount of work and I came up with an image that I am pretty pleased with.

The morning started out with a call from our police reporter that there had been a fire earlier at the adult bookstore in town. I was a little disappointed to arrive and find that the fire had been some 8 hours earlier and the only thing left was the investigation of the cause. At least in the daylight I could see some of the damage, and see into the open window when a firefighter walked in front of it an looked at the ceiling.

A short while later I saw the owner of the restaurant next door peering at the damage I knew that was the best image I would get. I talked to him and found out that the fire had caused a lot of smoke damage to his business and he would be closed until he could get a clean-up crew out to take care of the mess.

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