Farwell Announcement from the Chamber

The Assignment: cover the resignation announcement for the Chamber of Commerce. Not having all of the details, like was this a forced resignation, where was the person leaving to etc., had me a bit concerned about this assignment. For all I knew I was walking into a hostile situation where the person leaving was less than happy about the situation.

I needn't have worried.

Herb Mosher, a gentleman who I have had many positive interactions with during my 10+ years here in Gallup, had an offer to go and work as an administrator at a new college in Montana. At his side was Ralph Richards who talked about what a loss it was to the community. So far not much of visual interest. A few tight shots of Mosher, a few loose shots with both of them together. Then as the talk went on they started to relax and kid each other a bit. I could have walked away with only the tight shot of Mosher, that was all that my new editor had asked for. But there was more to the story. There was a good relationship with Herb and the city and the chamber. The laughter and the slap on the back in the top image here goes a long way to adding that for the readers even if the reporter never mentions it in his story.

Later on today I got a call that the State Police had a vehicle pulled over and they were "tearing it apart" on the side of the road. The search was taking place in an area where I-40 and Maloney Blvd are only seperated by a guard rail and a grssy embankment. No fence or anything else to restrict access. One of the State guys chided me for being there, but did not actually tell me to leave. (His comment was along the lines of "this is really news around here? - to which I answered "depends on what you guys find.")

The driver told me that he had been stopped for "following somebody too close." Then he shook his head and said that there was no way that was right. In the end the search came up empty and the driver was sent on his way, with the police officers actually putting his possessions back into the car for him.
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