Going to College

The assignment: Chris Weaver is going to be attending college next year on a partial scholarship for athletics. What normally happens in these silly things is the parents and the coach(es) gather around a table in a ugly, fluorescent lighting nightmare of a location and have the student sit and pretend to sign the paperwork, then look up and smile while hold the pen at the ready. My thoughts on that idea? It is a waste of space and tells the readers no new information that could not be handled by a simple portrait/mug shot. I have argued with the sports editor several times that if the students is being recognized for their athletic ability then we should be looking for images of the student competing in their sport.

Today? The signing happened a couple of weeks ago, and the editor just got to giving me the story assignment. Working fast, since the assignment was for when school got out, I located a flag with the team name on it and the team colors right inside the front doors to the office. Then I used the histogram on the camera to take an exposure, used the north-facing glass doors as a directional light source with some wrap and popped of about a half dozen frames.

Sometimes simplicity can be your friend.
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