No More Tears

One of the pressmen told me there was a very interesting bit of graffiti on the rail car that delivered today's shipment of newsprint. When I walked out to the loading area I was surprised. Often I see graffiti as ugly and a nuisance. This was more though. Somebody had areal message to share and at least a small amount of artistic talent. No, it is not news.Things get tagged and painted all over the country. It does fall into the category of personal vision. I have been wondering who the girl is/was. Who was the artist? Why do the words "Don't Cry" appear beside it? This was somebody's personal statement, and it was meant to be seen by many, even if not fully understood.

Photojournalism is the opposite. It is meant to be seen and instantly understood, with no unresolved questions. So how do we, as photographers do that, when we don't have all the answers?
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