Rows of Work

I spent a lot of time today doing routine advertising work. In the middle of that I cam across a scene that struck me as interesting - a long row of the same model of vehicle with a lone worker in the middle washing them. One of the things that has really been catching my interest visually has been repeating patterns. Add to that a strong vertical and a diagonal line made by the windshieldsreceding into the background and I think that the image works.

Vince Smith uses a hose to spray down the new cars on display Thursday at Amigo Chevrolet on South Second Street in Gallup. Strong winds Wednesday helped to stir up a lot of dirt and deposit it onto the vehicles and a lot of other places.

As an aside, our newspaper has a new managing editor effective today. He was formerly at the newspaper in Farmington, NM, and a few people (photographers) that worked with him really liked his approach and say he is very "photo-friendly." He told me today that he sees feature hunting as a waste of time and resources, and that every time a photographer heads out the door they should be doing so to work on a story, and have a plan. To a large majority I agree - but there are times when it is nice to get ordinary people doing their ordinary things, getting some recognition. So perhaps my work will take more of a story-driven approach in the coming days. I would like to push myself and make some changes in my work-style.
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