This is one of those found things that was pretty much a non-story, but I liked what was going on visually with the guys in the middle of the road, and it sort of was justified as a news event because it was an informational thing for drivers - putting a barrier in the middle of the street to stop drivers from cutting into the other lane for the left turn.
This first image is about the guys working, the human element. I had to get low and close with a wide angle lens to get the shot, ore-focusing and then putting the camera down almost touching the street to shoot up under the hats and get the workmen's faces. I still did not get his eyes as much as I had wanted.

These other two images were about the barriers and the repeating patterns they made. First a diagonal curve to give some visual motion and tension (above) and then shot from the other end with a telephoto lens to compress things a bit and emphasize the pattern as being uniform and even.

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