Winslow- there's a corner somewhere, for champions

The Eagles made Winslow, Arizona famous in one of their songs, singing about standin' on a corner when a girl in a flatbed Ford drives by. My question is, why did Jackson Browne end up there in the first place? There are certainly more romantic and exciting places to be standing around. I shouldn't say anything that comes off as sounding like I am slamming the city. I don't have anything against it. For the most part. Except, well, perhaps their softball field. Remember yesterday when I talked about how much I enjoy covering games at their baseball field? I feel even more strongly about disliking working games at their softball field - 30 feet away.
The filed is facing the opposite way from the baseball one, so the light is never very good for making images. Then there is the small dugouts and only one small opening on each of them, so there is no way that a photographer can stand in the opening ofthe dugout and cover the game. Between the coaches and the players needing to constantly be in and out, all a photographer would do is get in the way. What really annoyed me was that I asked the referees at games yesterday about being on the field, and was told to get the athletic director to draw out a media box along the outside of the baseline. So I went and asked him for a media box, and he said he would make sure it was okay with the officials.
I arrive for the game a bit early today and of course, no media box has been made. I have a few spare minutes so I hustle over to Wal Mart and buy myself a small step-stool. When I come back to the field I find a marginally good position to shoot from, stand along the fence on my step stool and shoot over the top of the fence. The photographer from the Navajo Times tried to take up residency just outside of the dugout along the first base line (which is where I like to stand for some of the local games) and he was kicked out by the umpire in pretty short order.
People want the coverage and the attention, but then they want to dictate so many things and not make any accommodations for the images to be made. On top of that we then get people calling expecting us to be their personal photographer, asking us to let them see all the other photos that didn't run, or expecting us to "just Email" the images. Hello? We are a newspaper, as in a BUSINESS. We are not the government. We are trying to make a profit.
Enough ranting. Time for some images:

Tuba City Lady Warrior outfielder Brandy Tsinigine (10) jumps tp secure a fly ball deep in left field Saturday afternoon during the 3A-North softball championship game in Winslow, Ariz. The Lady Warriors lost 10-4 to the Winslow Lady Bulldogs.

Tuba City Lady Warrior runner Leshonda Benally (15) slides into third base while Winslow Lady Bulldog fielder Alicia Flores (4) waits for the ball to come in from the outfield .

Winslow Bulldog catcher Victor Martinez (13) loses the ball Saturday while Greyhills Academy Knights runner Travis Willie (16) slides into home plate, colliding with Martinez in the ankle at Vargas Filed in Winslow, Arz. The Bulldogs came out on top of the Knights 15-6 in the 3A-North championship game.

Greyhills Academy runner Skyler Fowler (22) scrambles back to second base while Winslow Bulldog short stop Steffan Bailon (3) tries to pick him off, but loses track of the ball after it bounced off of Fowler during Saturday's 3A-North championship game at Vargas Field in Winslow, Ariz.

Greyhills Academy Knights pitcher Eric VanWinkle (15) grimaces as he hurls the ball toward home plate Saturday as the Knights faced the Winslow Bulldogs during the 3A-North championship baseball game.

Greyhills Academy Knight Ryne Hemstreet (12) dives back to the bag Saturday while Winslow Bulldog first baseman Joe Monsigor (17) loses the ball during the 3A-North baseball championship game.
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