Cancer Support and Blessing

Ribbon cutting ceremonies border right on the verge of being as bad as covering a "Check-passing" event. On the surface. Today I went to cover the opening of the cancer support resource center. A very important facility and several members of my church are involved either as volunteers, as cancer survivors, or both. Yes, I did get the image of the ribbon cutting itself, but for my own personal fulfillment I looked at the less than expected things - like the blessing of the center before the cutting, and the short talk about the need for this service by one of the patients currently fighting cancer.
Virgil Gatewood performs a blessing ceremony Thursday during the American Cancer Society's Cancer Resource Center open house on College drive in Gallup. Gatewood is aware of the support needs of cancer patients, as his wife is currently undergoing cancer treatment.

Phyllis King, a cancer patient, talks Thursday about the support that patients need and can now get with the opening of the American Cancer Society's Cancer Resource Center.

The local Ford dealership is having its 75th Anniversary celebration, and for it they wanted to get some photos of people working in each of their departments for an advertisement. After doing the office people at their desk thing and some exterior shots of the lot and such, I moved into the service area. The lighting looked like it was going to be a real nightmare. Mercury Vapor? Fluorescent? Add is some daylight from the open bay doors for good measure. What to do? I am shooting with my cameras in RAW/NEF format almost exclusively these days, and so I set the camera to Auto White balance,knowing that I could adjust it to a good color compromise later on. What I didn't expect was that once I opened the files up I found that there was virtually no color balance issues. The auto setting had nailed it.
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