Historic Preservation for the Acoma Pueblo

Today's assignment was presented as the signing of the formal agreement between the Acoma Pueblo and the National Trust for Historic Preservation,designating the San Esteban del Rey mission as a historic site. But as is typical with government functions, tribal or otherwise, plans got changed. Instead of signing the papers they exchanged gifts. Actually made for a slightly more interesting image - at least there was some interaction of the participants and not the people all posing with their pens poised.

Pueblo of Acoma 1st Lt. Gov. Gregory Histia opens a box containing a Pendleton blanket Sunday May 6, 2007 while exchanging gifts with Richard Moe, president of the National Trust, during National Trust Board of Trustees day at the Sky City Cultural Center on the Pueblo of Acoma. Joining them on stage is Acoma Gov. Jason Johnson and Janet Riley.

Laguna Corn Dancers Phillip Marmolejo, front, and Dustin Sarracino perform the Velvet Shirt Dance on Sunday May 6. 2007 at the Sky City Cultural Center Plaza on the Pueblo of Acoma.

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