Lights, Action

Today's first assignment was an advertising image to be taken at a local business called The Electronic Center. They handle radio communications, cellular telephones and a host of other things, including work for the police and fire departments. After doing the required stand-in-a-group photo for the ad I glanced back into the garage and saw a couple of guys working on the light bar for a new police cruiser. I grabbed a ladder to shoot down on the guys, showing what they were doing and giving some color and some what cleaning up the background up by having just the car, instead of the usual clutter of the garage.

Second assignment for the day - a sports feature. For the first time in several years, there is an adult fast-pitch softball league in the city. With 10 area teams that rotate playing against one another the league is more about the guys getting out to have fun and play some ball. The game I was sent to was pretty lopsided, with no close plays at the bases or otehr action that was exciting to see. Since this was a feature story I tried to look for something a little bit different to go with the story. Idecided that the batter warming up on deck with his face being mostly obscured would work for making a generic image about the game. Of course, knowing that the sports desk may have wanted some actual game action I also gave them a shot of a guy at the plate, taking a swing to get on base.
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