Pirates and Parrots

It is the end of the school year and suddenly our department is being inundated with calls from schools to come and cover their events. That is not necessarily a bad thing, I just wish that we had a way to spread it out more evenly so we don't have to pick only one or two of the events to cover due to space restriction, schedule conflicts (they are all at the same times...) and the issue of the images starting to look to similar. Of course that does not mean that we aren't going to try and cover what we can. Today I went to the dress rehearsal for "It's a Pirates Life for Me" done by the students from Gallup Catholic High School.
Gallup Catholic high school students Lindsay Tarro and Alex Guimaraes share the spotlight during one of the final scenes Wednesday in the dress rehearsal

The dialog for this shot? First the set up - the multi-colored costume worn by Kelly Mason is that of a parrot. The cast is discussing what to buy with the treasure. Her request "Can somebody please get me a cracker?!?"
Capt. Blood, played by Alex Guimaraes, examines a ring discovered in a cave while Long John Sliver (Brandon Estrada) and fellow cast members watch during Wednesday's dress rehearsal .
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