Abused Animals

I may be a city boy, and don't know much about horses, but even I could tell that the pair of horses that the animal control officers seized from their owners today are not healthy. For instance, look at the first image of Romie stretching his hand out to sooth one of the animals. Look at its left eye and you can see something crusty and dried around that eye.

When a concerned neighbor reported that the horses were being mistreated investigators went out to see for themselves, What they found was little food and a bone dry water tub and no shade.

While the older horse went pretty easily into the trailer the officers had to take them away, the younger horse, Dusty, was not at all interested in going for a ride.

And finally, this last image shows the one horse really well. Its ribs are showing, its hair is coming out in patches (possibly mange) and it just doesn't look healthy. Through it all the owners kept saying they were not abusing the horses, and even claimed that the officers were there to take the horses for themselves.
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