Blocking it out

John Goffe, a resident of the Mentmore subdivision on the west side of Gallup, looks out the back window of his home Thursday evening. Goffe says that he has to close up the windows of his house every night because of the obnoxious odors that creep into the neighborhood from the waste water treatment plant nearby. The plant is undergoing renovations that are aimed at reducing the odors, but he and others in the area have not noted any improvements.

Photographing some things is very difficult. Wind can be tough, but showing the effects afterward is doable. But how does a photographer capture a sense of smell? It is not like some of the new media being used - video and sound - for web reporting would be able to do any better. So the best option that I could manage for this assignment was to find a resident bothered by the smells from the water treatment facility and find out what he does about it. The answer? Close up his home in the evenings.
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