Elderly Hillbillies

Iva Olive, right, and other members of the Kitchen Band look out of the door of the South Side Senior Citizen's Center while performing a skit during the 'Hillbilly Days' activities Friday afternoon. In addition to the skit seniors also sang songs and participated in hog calling and Minnie Pearl howdy contests.

Mary Landfried plays the jams on her electric guitar Friday while performing a skit with the Kitchen Band
Now, before I make this next comment, I need to say that I am a fan of Aerosmith. Steven Tyler has some real talent and I like that he is very matter of fact about his chemical dependency and impressed with his taking getting clean. Okay. Done with the disclaimer, I had to wonder if maybe this was Steven Tyler's mother. . . . jamming on guitar like nobody's business.

Martha Tecklenburg stands up and reads from a letter from home Friday afternoon while performing a skit with other members of the Kitchen Band.
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