Old and New

The McKinley County Sheriff's department puts their new DWI Enforcement vehicle on display Monday in front of the County Courthouse in downtown Gallup, opening the vehicle up for interested people to look inside and ask questions about the newest piece of equipment in the war against intoxicated drivers.

A look at the interior of the truck.

The machine that proves it - the Breathalyzer.

I am not a big fan of covering these media events that are held solely for my benefit, so that I will go back and fill our reader's eyes with controlled propaganda. I'd much rather cover the cops using this rig for real. When I think about how ridiculously out of control drunk driving is in New Mexico and suddenly I don't care if it is a PR reps idea. When we continually hear stories of people with four and five, and even more, DWI arrests out on the streets driving and killing other people I'll stop worrying about my ego and what I think is visually fun to make images of.

This is a statue of Chief Manuelito. It is now on display in the front lobby of Zanios Cash and Carry warehouse food store. Apparently the statue was originally placed inside of an old trading post at the same location where a very shrewd business man (this is from my meager memory so no, I don't remember his name) helped to see the Navajo weavings as blankets and pieces of art and worked very hard to create a world market for the tapestries. In the 1990's the building had to be torn down for structural problems. Now the statue is on in display in the new building that is on the same plot that the old one was.
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