Pretty Pets

Chaz, a bassett hound, rests up after strenuously demonstrating his trick of playing dead for the judges Friday during the Kid's Pet Show at the Gallup Sports Complex. Chaz impressed the judges enough to earn second place in the competition, and did not even have to resort to his other trick of tripping on his ears.

Cocoa, a pug owned by Jackie Daniels, does his best to pass as a bumble-bee Friday morning during the Kid's Pet Show.

Emilio Chavezlets his pet millipede, Arnold, crawl on his hand Friday after showing it to the judges during the Kid's Pet Shows at the Gallup Sports Complex. Chavez said that the name Arnold is actually short for Arnold Schwartzenegger.

Hayley Menapace gets a doggy-kiss from her blue heeler, Dakota, while waiting for the judges to tally the scores.
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