Cowboy Freedom - Wrangler Junior High Finals

Montana ribbon roper Kayti Korte reaches for the tail of the steer while her partner C.J. Hanson wrestles the steer to the ground during the fifth performance of the Wrangler Junior High Finals Rodeo at Red Rock State Park in Church Rock, NM. The pair received a time of 15.237 seconds for their efforts.

Kentucky cowgirl Taylor Smith brings her horse to a stop and releases her lasso after roping her steer in the break-away roping event.

Lasea Branson, from Colorado, urges her horse through the course while competing in the pole bending competition. Branson completed her run in 22.191 seconds.

Nevada's Rachel Hendrix guides her horse around a pole Wednesday while competing in the pole bending event during the fifth performance of the Wrangler Junior High Finals Rodeo. Hendrix completed her run in 21.665 seconds.

It is almost without exception that we cover the big animals, the rough stock events when we are assigned to cover a rodeo. I wanted to do something different this week. In addition to the Wrangler Junior High rodeo there is also PRCA rodeo going on in Window Rock that other photographers are covering, I know that they will be coming back with images of the rough stock events. So rather than just cover the same glory hounds I decided to pick some of the "lesser" events. The kids take it all very seriously, and I saw a lot of hard work and skill in these events. It is not just the bull riders who deserve to be given attention.
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