Having a Ball with Water Sports

The day started off with scattered clouds. Unfortunately for these young ladies playing in today's softball tournament the clouds stacked up and let loose on them. I was able to take shelter in the dugouts (with permission from the coaches and umpire), but the players had to make a stand in the cold and wet.

Wildcats pitcher Jolynn Charley (10) tries to keep the rain from breaking her concentration Wednesday while facing the Braves at the Ford Canyon Park softball field in Gallup.

Wildcats fielders Kristin Yellowhair (14) and Paige Albright (7) both leap for the ball during a rainstorm Wednesday as Braves runner Erin Duckett (3) squeezes between them to get safely onto second base at the Ford Canyon Softball Field in Gallup.

Braves runner Naomi Palacios (14) splashes her way safely to first base Wednesday while Wildcats first base player Mikayla Cross tries to grab a wild throw during a rainy softball game at the Ford Canyon Park softball field.

Braves pitcher Victoria Johnson (12) and first base player Erin Duckett (3) run into each other Wednesday while chasing down a fly ball in the infield at the Ford Canyon Park softball field in Gallup. The two girls managed to keep from knocking each other over and Johnsons made the catch for an out.

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