Land of the Tires

My Assignment: The reporter is writing a story about the tire problem in Gallup. What happens to old tires, and how much do we really need a recycling plant in Gallup anyways? My first thought was to go to the waste transfer station and see what they had for tires that had been discarded. I found two. The representative that weighs the vehicles and collects the fees was helpful and made a few phone calls for me. By the time I left I had been told "If you really want to see how bad it is, go out to the dump in Thoreau. So I made the 35 mile drive and stopped at the gate to check in. A few minutes later the director was leading me down the road to the main area of the dump, and before we got there we arrived at the tire town. Every town and city in the country is facing issues of tire disposal. Actually seeing it first hand was something I had not been expecting.

Piles of thousands of used tires cover the ground Wednesday at the Red Rocks Regional Landfill near Thoreau, NM. Officials at the landfill estimate they have nearly one half million tires and an additional 40 to 50,000 tires are added each year.
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