Wrangling off the Arena Floor

This post is a collection of some of the behind the scenes images I made yesterday and today at the rodeo. There is a lot that happens outside of the arena. Here are just a few images . There was more to shoot, just not enough time to make the images off the arena floor wile having events still going on .

Ryan Knudson, left, from South Dakota, and Nevada Newman from Montana rough up the palms of their gloves before the start of Thursday's performances.

Alabama junior bull rider Josh Moorer stops to take a look at the bull he will ride.

These two images are the same idea,just executed differently. I struggled for quite a while during the editing process over which one I like better. I still don't have an answer.

Dillon Mundorf sits on his horse and holds a lasso as he works the timed event arena, moving the steers out after their runs during the fifth performance of the Wrangler Junior High Finals Rodeo at Red Rock Park in Church Rock, NM.

With the Wrangler Junior High Finals Rodeo in town this week, Lonny Lawson works hard Thursday as he tries to keep up on repair and maintenance on the more than 550 golf carts in use by the contestants to get around at Red Rock Park.

Lonny Lawson gets his hand greasy as he works to remove the motor from a broken down golf cart. Lawson said that working on the carts is harder than repairing cars because things are smaller and not designed for mechanics to easily access things.
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