Almost Football Time

With the departure of the NMSU Aggie's football team from Gallup, Mike Casias and Ryan Harrison move the uprights wider apart Tuesday while preparing for the upcoming high school football season at the Gallup Public School Stadium.

I really wish that reporters had a better sense of timing. This morning I got a call with less than 30 minutes notice about six police recruits "doing some physical training." When I got there I learned that the recruits were not training, but taking their physical fitness exams to join the force, and I had already missed the sit-ups and push-ups portion of the exam. That would have probably given me better images, some interaction images, the uniformed officer standing over the recruit, stop watch in hand, counting. Instead U had to settle for a generic running image.
On the plus side, while at the stadium I did find the above two workers resetting the uprights for the upcoming football season. I especially liked the contrasting primary colors of blue and yellow, and the swooping curve of the bar in the horizontal image. It makes the people almost unnecessary from a purely visual point.

Gallup police recruit David Luginbuhl strides to the finish line, followed by Steven Mumford and Roderick Joe during the 300-meter sprint Tuesday at the Gallup Public School Stadium. The police department was conducting physical fitness testing for its recruits.
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