College Football (Practice)

The New Mexico State Aggies are in town for a week, using the stadium here in town for training camp. I have to say it is really fun getting to cover sports in bright daylight, and getting to make images of athletes with a higher level of skill than I normally get to cover, even if it was only a practice session.

On the downside, arriving at the practice I was less than thrilled to find out that the 300mm f/2.8 lens that the staff shares was not working on my Nikon D80 camera. This has to be my biggest complaint about having pool equipment - somebody else messes it up and never bothers to admit that something happened, leaving the next person to use it in a bind. I did get the lens to work on my D200 camera body, so it was not a total loss.
New Mexico Aggie's Spencer Diaz (38) gets wrapped up by Michael Brewer (59) while running a play during practice Tuesday morning at the Public School Stadium in Gallup.

New Mexico Aggie's wide receiver Chris Williams (28) makes a catch Tuesday while defensive back Davon House (26) leaps to try and break up the pass during the first day practice in Gallup at the Public School Stadium

New Mexico Aggie's running back Justine Buries (34) slips out of the grasp of line backer Jamar Cotton (57) during a practice play

New Mexico State Aggie's defensive back Alphonso Powell (31) wraps up Ben Bradley (25) and takes him to the ground during a practice play.
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