Flattened Earth - Developing Homes

Nicholas Arbelaez tests the level of soil compaction Monday afternoon as construction begins for a 55-home development project along Sakalares Boulverd in Grants. The project, which spans 10 acres of land, is being developed by Gilbert Lovato and K-RAM Homes, and is the first such project in Grants in many years.

A front end loader uses its weight to compact the soil as work begins on a new 10-acre housing development by Gilbert Lovato and K-RAM Homes. The development is planned to have 55 homes along Sakalares Boulevard in Grants.

I could argue that a bunch of heavy equipment moving dirt is not a very interesting image. Why not wait until the new houses are being built? For one, by then it will not be news. People will know what is going on by then, and from another source.

To me the ideal image ould have been to get up in a small plane or helicopter and shoot an aerial image of the scene, giving a better idea of the scope of the project and the location with the hills surrounding Mt. Taylor in the background. Not having the budget for that, I decided to shoot wide angle (with my favorite lens - the 12-24mm zoom) and let the equipment move around in front of me.
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