Out of Action

On the last day of the Wrangler Junior High Rodeo Finals I slipped while climbing over a fence between arenas and twisted my knee as I landed. I thought it was a minor thing, but later that night it really started bothering me. I hobbled around for a week on it, having problems walking before deciding it was not going to get better on its own. Last year I had to have surgery on my left knee for a torn meniscus. On the 13th I got in to see my doctor who had an initial reaction that I had torn the meniscus in the right knee, but after examining me more closely became hopeful that it was simply a severe sprain.

I got in the following Tuesday and saw a specialist who took X-rays and examined the knee some more, and he came to the conclusion that I had torn the medial ligament. Crutches were issued as a stop-gap until I could get a knee brace. Trying to carry camera gear while on crutches is not really a workable thing. So I limited myself to office work (like scheduling, paperwork etc) and simple assignments like advertising that would require virtually no walking.

Then add in to the equation that I took last week off for a vacation to visit relatives in the Midwest and the result has been a lack of photographs to post on my blog.

I am now using a pretty good knee brace and am walking around pretty well, so more images will be coming soon. In the meantime, grab your camera and make your own images...
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