Soccer Season Starts

Gallup Bengal Cameron Beamsley (10) watches as the ball hits the back of the net Friday after he beat Bloomfield Bobcat goalie Raymond Adams and scored at Public School Stadium in Gallup. The Bengals easily beat the Bloomfield Bobcats by a score of 7-1.
This first image was made using a remote camera. Being the first time I ever actually set one up I was pleased with how reliably and easily the remote worked. I went into the storage closet and dug out one of our paper's abandoned Nikon D1 cameras. I attached it to a magic Arm and Super Clamp, secured that to the back of the goal and set the camera up to trigger using a Pocket Wizard Plus radio system. The transmitter was attached to my D200 body, and so each time I took a photo with the D200, it triggered the radio to fire the remote camera. Then I set the remote camera with a wide angle lens and pre-focused. Finally, it was time to start the game and make some photos.

Gallup Bengal Cameron Beasley (10) wins control of the ball from Bloomfield Bobcat Jeremy Johnson (18) during the varsity boys soccer match.

Gallup Bengal Cameron Beamsley (10) makes a slide tackle on Bloomfield Bobcat Ben Baugh, knocking the ball out of bounds

Gallup Bengal Bertin Rivera (4) maintains control of the ball Friday while Bloomfield Bobcat Jose Martinez (3) pursues him during the varsity boys soccer game
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