An Action-Packed Afternoon in Grants, NM

Following their shut-out loss yesterday at Rehoboth, I was not expecting much in the way of excitement from the Grants soccer team today. They are a 4A category school and were beaten by a 2A school. There is a reason that I don't bet on anything. The Pirates took to the field and played some solid soccer, though it did get a little more full-contact then it probably should have...
Grants Pirate forward Martin O'Keefe (36) puts pressure on Bernalillo goalie Michael Griego as he shoots for the goal Wednesday during the boys varsity soccer game at Grants High School. The Pirates bested Bernalillo 6-2.

Grants Pirate Martin O'Keefe (36) gets a hand onto Bernalillo's Jacob Guittierez (5) while chasing the ball Wedesday at Grants High School. O'Keefe was reprimanded with a yellow card for his move, but it did not keep the Pirates from winning.

Bernalillo high school's Esteban Fierro (13) tries to get in front of Grants Pirate Cesar Soria (11) as he takes a shot at the goal.
There was a bit of a mix-up in the schedule for the soccer game, and I ended up arriving an hour early (always better early than late for a photojournalist). During the down time I had I went over to take care of a group portrait at the library. When I pulled into the parking lot the skies opened and it poured rain for more than 10 minutes. When it was over the roads were flooding as water came down from the hills. I set up to get some cars splashing through the water and suddenly there was a cyclist coming down the road. Stand-alone weather photo for tomorrow's paper.

After getting the weather image it was time to make a photo of the reading group. Of more than 70 children that were part of the program I ended up with only 9 of them coming for the photo. I wish that we would get the word out in the community better that calling the paper when everything is finished makes for far less interesting photographs. I would much rather have made some images of the children as they were reading a week or two ago instead of having to do a staged image.

On the plus side, the photo was fairly easy to shoot as the library has an open bank of north-facing windows that let in plenty of light for this group photo.

Some of the participants of the Grants library Summer Reading Program gather for a group photo Wednesday inside the Mother Whiteside Memorial Library. More than 70 children participated in the program which allowed them to read at their own pace and appropriate grade levels.
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