Cactus or Cacti?

A cholla cactus stands against the dark, rain filled skies between Mt. Taylor and Sakalares Boulevard in Grants. Afternoon monsoon rains are common this time of year as hurricanes blow into the United States, causing shifts in weather patterns. La Nina is developing in the Pacific Ocean, and that cooling of waters generally brings a more active Atlantic hurricane season, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday.

I shot these images a few days ago, but there is not a major time peg on them. The skies still cloud up nearly every afternoon and bring us the monsoon rains, and our M.E. said that he could use them for an inside page.

Creating the dramatic look of the images was actually pretty easy. I set my camera to expose for the background then I used my SB-800 strobe on an off-camera cord and positioned it just slightly outside of the frame and to the side. This created directional light and got the plants to show up against the muddy background.
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