Focus on Football

Santa Fe Indian School Brave Donovan Begay knocks the ball away from Wingate Bear Marcus Hosteen (22) in the end-zone Friday night as he tries to score a touchdown at Wingate High School.

Wingate Bear Marcus Hosteen (22) runs between a pair of Santa Fe Indian School Braves defenders Friday evening at Wingate High School.

This bottom photo was a pre-game warm-up image, set to run only one-column in width as a front page teaser to get readers to know that we have football coverage inside. Being on tight deadline I was looking for a teaser image fast. The sun was not hiding behind the clouds or the hills, and I needed something that would read well as a small image, so it had to be relatively tight and clean. Even before the kick-off I was on the phone with the Managing Editor to tell him that the teaser shot owuld be vertical, facing left.

I had troubles with this game last night. Almost all of my images seemed soft and out of focus. I tried working with the faithful "Unsharp Mask" tools in Photoshop, but still could not clean up the images. So today I grabbed my sensor cleaning swabs (again). I cleaned the sensors on both of my cameras a few days ago, and I suspected that the prior cleaning had left a chemical residue on the sensors. So this round of cleanings I used only a single drop of fluid applied to the middle of the swab, instead of the tip, and scrubbed more than swiped the CMOS sensor. A couple of blasts of air from a blower bulb to make sure things were clean and it was time to fire some test shots. Razor sharp.
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