Sweet without Guilt

I enjoy getting to photograph people who are actively making things, using their hands and showing me a process that is visually apparent to the reader. So when one of our reporters told me he was writing a business feature story about a restaurant owner who makes sugar-free pies I was glad to cover the assignment.

I ran into one little problem with the assignment. The reporter did not list an address or contact information for the owner. I figured that it would not be all that hard. After all, Second Street in Grants is not terribly long, and it should not be hard to find a restaurant (they want customers to find them!) So after driving the entire length of Second Street I tried to reach the reporter and was able to get him on his cell phone. No, the cafe is not on Second Street, but rather three miles farther west on Santa Fe Avenue... it was on Second for the first six months of business, but then they outgrew their location and moved to a bigger space.

Rochelle McKoewn rolls out the top portion of a pie crust Thursday while making a sugar-free cherry pie. McKoewn is the owner of the First Street Cafe on Santa Fe in Grants.

Rochelle McKoewn folds the top and bottom sections of pie crust together as she prepares a sugar free cherry pie.

Rochelle McKoewn displays one of her sugar-free cherry pies inside the dining room of her restaurant, First Street Cafe (on Santa Fe) in Grants, NM.
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