Surviving the Battle: Cancer and Diabetes

Cancer Survivor -Grants school bus driver Carla Gallegos surrounds herself with children, whether the five in her home or the students she takes to and from school. Gallegos is a survivor of cancer, being cancer-free for almost 10 years.

Diabetic Treatment - Insulin Pump -

HeatherLynn Butler shows an item of paperwork to her father, Dr. Nick Augenstein, while working in his office with her mother, Sue, Wednesday morning in Grants. Butler is diabetic and wears a portable insulin pump which supplies her with a more controlled and constant dosage of insulin than she would get from injections.

HeatherLynn Butler displays the portable insulin pump she wears, which is attached to her abdomen, thighs or buttocks via a super-fine needle to administer a steady dose of insulin to help control her diabetes.
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