Gallup Invitational Basketball Tournament

A few of my images from today's game at the Gallup Invite Girls Basketball tourney...

Kirtland Central Lady Bronco Dayan Hall-Jones (10) soars past Winslow Lady Bulldog Samantha Sam (22) to make a basket during the Gallup Invitational Girls Basketball tournament at Gallup High School. The Lady Broncos defeated the Bulldogs 57-53.

Winslow Lady Bulldog Kourtney Shirley (32) wrestles with Kirtland
Central Lady Bronco April Christie (24) after the ball came loose.
Gallup Lady Bengal Courtney Cowboy (24) moves past Hobbs Lady Eagle Diana Juarez (12) and looks for a teammate to pass the ball to as she approaches the baseline.

Gallup Lady Bengal Tanya Wilson (20) stands at the edge of the three point line and makes a basket Friday night as the Lady Bengals defeated the Hobbs Lady Eagles during the Gallup Invitational Girls Basketball Tournament at Gallup High School. The Lady Bengals launched themselves into a large lead right away with their aerial attacks from three-point land, leaving the Eagles scrambling for a way to stop them.

Gallup Lady Bengal Stevie Hudson (21) runs past Hobbs Lady Eagle Katilyn Gray (44) as the Gallup Lady Bengals turned some heads Friday night with their dominating play against the Hobbs Lady Eagles.



Percy Trujillo, a RN from RMCH, administers a flu shot to Francisco Cerna, 10, Thursday afternoon at the Gallup Community Service Center. In addition to three locaitons in town to give the free vaccines, nine other locations across the Navajo reservation offered the shots during National Influenza Vaccination Week. The program was not only a way to help the community, but also served as a Northern Region Emergency Preparedness Exercise that had mulptiple agencies and departments working together.


Basketball Begins

MY first basketball game of the season, and I covered it inside the brand new gymnasium at Rehoboth Christian High School. It is a major step up from their old facility, but for some reason they didn't install overhead catwalks and photographic strobe equipment into the ceiling... (VBG) so it was time for the standard of SB-800 speedlights on light stands and a set of pocketwizard radio slaves to trigger them.

Rehoboth Lady Lynx Lesley Eldridge (14) tries to maneuver around Gallup Lady Bengal Jeryn Wilson (35) to score, but Raelynn Toadlena (22) reaches in and gets called for a foul Monday as the Varsity Lynx played against the JV Bengals at the new Rehoboth HighSchool gymnasium. The Lady Bengals easily handled the lynx, winning 53-28.

Rehoboth Lady Lynx Tara Postma (13) tries to wrench the ball out of the grasp of Gallup Lady Bengal Kelsi Etsicitty (34) Monday night but the ball is whistled dead and called a jump ball.

Gallup Lady Bengal Heather Brown (55) puts the ball into the air as she scores two-points against the Rehoboth Lady Lynx.


Bridge Support

Today's task: Photograph something that is not happening. Specifically, a bridge that is restricted from heavy vehicle driving over it to get into the town of Sanders, Ariz.

Patches and potholes mar the surface of this bridge that connects I-40 with the town of Sanders, Ariz. along Hwy 191.

A school bus slowly rolls across this bridge that connects motorists from I-40 to Sanders, Ariz. on Hwy 191. The bridge, which spans above two sets of railroad tracks, has officials concerned enough about its condition that they have limited it to vehicles not weighing any more than 10 tons.

A gravel truck travels south into Sanders Monday afternoon as it begins the drive down through Zuni before heading back north through Gallup so that it can avoid traveling over a railroad bridge approximately 100 feet south of I-40 along Hwy 191 in Arizona. The bridge is in need of repairs and has been limited to vehicles weighing less than 10 tons.


Coyote Tracks

In the Navajo culture coyotes are not necessarily a good thing to see, especially if one crosses the road in front of you. I have heard of more traditional Navajos literally turning around and heading home if they are starting out on a trip and one of these creatures crosses the road. Even so, when I spotted this animal hunting for food a few hundred feet from the interstate I had to stop and make some images. I pulled out my 300mm lens and added a 1.4x teleconverter on it to try to get me some reach to make a somewhat close up image from inside of my car.

When I first pulled onto the shoulder and then to the edge of the grass the coyote spooked and trotted farther away. I waited for a few moments, thinking I had lost my shot when suddenly it came bounding back toward me through the grass. I caught some sight of movement ahead of it and realized it was chasing a rabbit. The rabbit eluded its hunter, and a few moments later the coyote turned and looked over at me before again wandering into the grass and brush.


Homeless Help - Low Income Apartments

The city of Gallup has a large homeless and transient population. Each winter our newspaper reports on at least a couple of deaths caused by exposure. A group of people hav come together to try and help some of the homeless get back into society by providing them with shelter and helping them to get jobs and life skills. The organization, Care 66, has proceeded farther along its goal and is building an apartment complex for people that are in their program to have an affordable place to live once they have found a job and are trying to get their lives in order.

My assignment today was to get some images to go along with an update story on the construction of the complex.

Ricky Livingston, right, and Russel Tom bend sections of metal into custom shapes as they install the metal roofs on the Chuska Apartments on Aztec Avenue in Gallup. The $8.2 million construction project is the main focus right now for Care 66, and will provide 30 apartment units to help homeless people get back on their feet financially.

Contractors pull a section of metal roofing up onto the top of an apartment
unit as work continues on the Chuska Apartment Complex.

Construction contractors work to set up the framing inside an apartment unit at the Chuska Apartments.



A boy throws a bucket of water onto a burning pile of fire wood Tuesday while trying to extiguish the flames and awaiting the arrival of fire fighters just north of Twin Lakes Elementary School. The wood was wisely stacked a good distance from the home so no buildings were threatened.


Night Lights and CARnage

The scanner reported a one-vehicle rollover accident. They are common enough out in the county and on the reservation, but the location for this one was in town on a road four lanes wife, with a center turn lane area and a broad shoulder for parking. The road is also a 45 MPH zone. I just couldn't figure out how a vehicle could flip over in the area, so I drove over to investigate.

The scene was difficult to make images of, as it turned out to be two vehicles had crashed, and there was over half a block between where they ended up. I tried to deduce what happened as I worked on the scene, but came up with nothing. When I talked to one of the police officers working on the accident diagram I asked for his assessment. He said he was still wondering about it as well...

Gallup police and fire fighters work the scene of a two vehicle collision Monday evening at the intersection of High Street and J.M. Montoya Boulevard in Gallup.
The collision caused the pick-up truck to roll completely over and the other car involved endedup stopped with both passenger side tires flattened. Two people were transported by ambulance from the scene with minor injuries.

The owner of a Ford Mustang (who was not in the vehicle during the accident) looks over the damage to his vehicle after it was involved in a collision with a large 4x4 pick-up at the intersection of High Street and J.M. Montoya Boulevard in Gallup.


Leaving Colors - Fall Foilage

Not every click of the shutter needs to be about the hard hitting events. Sometimes the images can merely be "slices of life" within the community. And sometimes people want to see the natural beauty that there is to enjoy. I enjoy the quiet and solitude of photographing nature, and it is the nature photography that appears in the paper that I get the most feedback about. So, having a slow news day today I took a little time and made this:

(* I would bet the production department and the pressroom are not happy about getting images with such saturated colors to try and make look good.)


Soccer Semi-Finals in New Mexico

Rehoboth Lynx Michael Ippel (12) tries to kick the ball away from Hope Christian's Kris Jameson (16) during Thursday afternoon's semi-finals match-up in the NMAA State Soccer Championships held in Bernalillo, NM. The Lynx were shut out with 4-0 loss.

Rehoboth Lynx Michael Bayless (6) and Hope Christian's Nate Spangler (18) get their arms tangled up while chasing the ball during the NMAA State Soccer Championship semi-finals.

Hope Christian's David Silver (5) knocks over Rehoboth Lynx Brett Cherney (4) while pursuing the ball near the Hope goal..

The Rehoboth Lynx mid-fielder Jordan Yazzie (3) uses his head to keep control of the ball away from Hope Christian's John Cordova (6).


Food Bank Needs

What is there to say about an assignment like this, other than there are so many people out in the world that need help, and not enough to go around. And with the holiday season approaching the needy come into focus more.

Samuel Olguin, 6, carries a box of food while his brother Ignacio, 8,
places a jug of juice into the back of their mother's truck Wednesday at the
Grants Community Pantry.

Grants Community Pantry volunteer JoAnn Edwards organizes boxes of food in preparation for pick-up by needy community members.

A jar for donations sits on the counter while Larry MacKendrick runs the computer at the Grants Community Pantry.

Lost and Found - the Perils of Living by the Computer

I'll start with the moral of the story first: Always keep your important computer files backed up, especially before making changes to your computer.

With a starting like that I am willing to bet that you have already figured out my problem. Computer failure. It all started because I bought a Olympus voice recorder to use for doing multi-media work (slideshows with sound) which are becoming so important for story-telling these days. When I plugged the sound recorder in to my laptop I kept getting errors that the device was not recognized, and that there were missing drivers. A lot of searching on the itnernet found that there are no drivers to be had. That lead me to think that the problem was with my version of Windows Media Player - I'm running Windows XP and the auto-update feature had upgraded my machine to Media Player 11.

So I tried to re-install MP11 thinking that maybe the device would get straightened out that way. No luck. So then I followed the Microsoft instructions to rollback to Media Player 10. It didn't work right and media player wouldn't work at all.

So now it is Halloween day and the ghouls are being very busy playing tricks with my computer. Being the genious that I am I then decided to simply re-install Windows XP onto my machine - a repair install that would revert the machine back to Media Player 10. In theory this is great. In practice the upgrades that the computer has done for a while now made the .NET Framework version up to 2.0, and the install disk re-installed version 1.0. The result was a computer that would not boot up into Windows. It would start, then hang up asking to go into "SAFE Mode" and no matter what I selected there the computer restarted and went back to the mode.

A lot of time with tech support from Dell, and then a subsequent driveto Albuquerque to have CompUSA create a data back-up of my photos, Email and other data had me finally to a point where I could safely reformat the hard-drive and reinstall Windows.

For the next five days I spent my spare time between assignments and sleeping working to re-install all of my programs; finding install software and downloaded files, finding registration codes to activate the software and so on.

Everything said and done my computer actually works better now than before the problems started. My copy of Adobe Acrobat 6 works once again... But if the hard drive had failed completely, rather than a system error, I could have lost a lot of things that I had not gotten around to backing up...


Catholic Priest Allegations

Press conferences. Most of the time they are inside some less than ideal office or meeting room, shrouded under the ugliness of flourescent lighting. So from that aspect today's press moment was a nice change. At the same time I felt like the event was very lopsided - having us meet them in front of the diocese office but not actually letting the diocese know we were coming and having nobody from the other side respond to their claims.

St. Paul, Minnesota attorney Patrick Noaker, who works for Jeff Anderson
and Associates, along with Elsie Boudreau, left, Joelle Casteix stand in front
of the Diocese of Gallup on Tuesday to announce the filing of a civil suit
against a former priest who is alleged to have sexually abused a teenage boy and
given him beer and whiskey in Shiprock in 1980. Casteix is the Southwest
Regional director of SNAP, and Boudreau is the native American outreach director for SNAP.

Attorneys William Keeler, left, of Gallup and Patrick Noaker, far right, along with SNAP native American outreach director Elsie Boudreau, center left, and SNAP southwest regional director Joelle Casteix stand in front of the Diocese of Gallup to announce the filing of a civil suit against a former priest who is alleged to have sexually abused him and given him beer and whiskey in Shiprock in 1980.


Goal! Rehoboth Boys Soccer Wins Easily

Rehoboth Lynx forward Russell Kamps (18) uses his chest to propel the ball past Robertson Cardinal Mark Hidalgo as he moves to score a goal during the NMAA State Soccer Championships at the Santa Ana Pueblo Soccer Complex in Bernalillo, NM. The Lynx decimated the Cardinals with 9-0 victory.

Rehoboth Lynx Michael Bayless (6) keeps ahead of Robertson Cardinal Michael Padilla (2) while bringing the ball across the field Saturday as the Lynx shut out the Cardinals 9-0 during the NMAA State Soccer Championships at the Santa Ana Pueblo Soccer Complex in Bernalillo, NM.

Rehoboth Lynx Brett Cherney (4) proves himself unstoppable Saturday as he holds Robertson CardinalMichael Padilla (2) at bay and scores four goals to help lift the Lynx to a 9-0 victory during the NMAA State Soccer Championship tournament.


A Narrow Win at the Girls Soccer Tournament

The Rehoboth Lady Lynx cheer after defeating the Robertson Lady Cardinals in a shoot-out during the NMAA State Soccer Championships in Bernalillo, NM. The Lynx and Cardinals battled to a 1-1 tie and went through double overtime before having to determine the winner in a shoot-out.

Rehoboth Lady Lynx Janette Joe (5) and Robertson Cardinals Dennette Lucero (9) both try to kick the ball away from the other during the NMAA State Soccer Championships in Bernaillo, NM.

Rehoboth Lady Lynx Tara Postma (16) keeps the ball away from Robertson Cardinal Ariana Trujillo (20).

Rehoboth Lady Lynx Amele Ippel (20) takes a shot at the goal while Robertson Lady Cardinal Dennette Lucero (9) tries to block the ball.