Basketball Begins

MY first basketball game of the season, and I covered it inside the brand new gymnasium at Rehoboth Christian High School. It is a major step up from their old facility, but for some reason they didn't install overhead catwalks and photographic strobe equipment into the ceiling... (VBG) so it was time for the standard of SB-800 speedlights on light stands and a set of pocketwizard radio slaves to trigger them.

Rehoboth Lady Lynx Lesley Eldridge (14) tries to maneuver around Gallup Lady Bengal Jeryn Wilson (35) to score, but Raelynn Toadlena (22) reaches in and gets called for a foul Monday as the Varsity Lynx played against the JV Bengals at the new Rehoboth HighSchool gymnasium. The Lady Bengals easily handled the lynx, winning 53-28.

Rehoboth Lady Lynx Tara Postma (13) tries to wrench the ball out of the grasp of Gallup Lady Bengal Kelsi Etsicitty (34) Monday night but the ball is whistled dead and called a jump ball.

Gallup Lady Bengal Heather Brown (55) puts the ball into the air as she scores two-points against the Rehoboth Lady Lynx.

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