Bridge Support

Today's task: Photograph something that is not happening. Specifically, a bridge that is restricted from heavy vehicle driving over it to get into the town of Sanders, Ariz.

Patches and potholes mar the surface of this bridge that connects I-40 with the town of Sanders, Ariz. along Hwy 191.

A school bus slowly rolls across this bridge that connects motorists from I-40 to Sanders, Ariz. on Hwy 191. The bridge, which spans above two sets of railroad tracks, has officials concerned enough about its condition that they have limited it to vehicles not weighing any more than 10 tons.

A gravel truck travels south into Sanders Monday afternoon as it begins the drive down through Zuni before heading back north through Gallup so that it can avoid traveling over a railroad bridge approximately 100 feet south of I-40 along Hwy 191 in Arizona. The bridge is in need of repairs and has been limited to vehicles weighing less than 10 tons.

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