Coyote Tracks

In the Navajo culture coyotes are not necessarily a good thing to see, especially if one crosses the road in front of you. I have heard of more traditional Navajos literally turning around and heading home if they are starting out on a trip and one of these creatures crosses the road. Even so, when I spotted this animal hunting for food a few hundred feet from the interstate I had to stop and make some images. I pulled out my 300mm lens and added a 1.4x teleconverter on it to try to get me some reach to make a somewhat close up image from inside of my car.

When I first pulled onto the shoulder and then to the edge of the grass the coyote spooked and trotted farther away. I waited for a few moments, thinking I had lost my shot when suddenly it came bounding back toward me through the grass. I caught some sight of movement ahead of it and realized it was chasing a rabbit. The rabbit eluded its hunter, and a few moments later the coyote turned and looked over at me before again wandering into the grass and brush.
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