Homeless Help - Low Income Apartments

The city of Gallup has a large homeless and transient population. Each winter our newspaper reports on at least a couple of deaths caused by exposure. A group of people hav come together to try and help some of the homeless get back into society by providing them with shelter and helping them to get jobs and life skills. The organization, Care 66, has proceeded farther along its goal and is building an apartment complex for people that are in their program to have an affordable place to live once they have found a job and are trying to get their lives in order.

My assignment today was to get some images to go along with an update story on the construction of the complex.

Ricky Livingston, right, and Russel Tom bend sections of metal into custom shapes as they install the metal roofs on the Chuska Apartments on Aztec Avenue in Gallup. The $8.2 million construction project is the main focus right now for Care 66, and will provide 30 apartment units to help homeless people get back on their feet financially.

Contractors pull a section of metal roofing up onto the top of an apartment
unit as work continues on the Chuska Apartment Complex.

Construction contractors work to set up the framing inside an apartment unit at the Chuska Apartments.

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