Forgotten School: Tse Yi Gai

A pick-up truck travels along Hwy 46 after passing a hand-lettered sign indicating the road leads to Tse Yi Gai High School. The high school was constructed in 2004 but still does not have a paved road, which causes problems with students being able to get to school on rainy or snowy days.

Scott Hedgelan talks to his students Tuesday afternoon during class at Tse Yi Gai High School near Pueblo Pintado, NM. The school, the most remote for the Gallup McKinley County School district, has a current enrollment of 143 students, though bad weather, muddy roads and other problems have attendance numbers average out to 87 percent.

Tse Yi Gai high school principal Christopher Spade heads up the McKinley County school district's most remote school, and he said that the limited enrollment of only 143 students has the advantage of allowing he and his staff to get to know each of the students.

Students play basketball Tuesday afternoon at Tse Yi Gai High School near Pueblo Pintado, NM.

Traveling along Hwy 46 to Tse Yi Gai High School can be difficult at times, especially when the weather has added moisture to the mix. One faculty member at the school described the road by saying it "turns into chocolate pudding the whole way."
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