Get a Grip - wrestling

I don't get a lot of opportunity to cover wrestling for this newspaper. A majority of the meets are away, and the interest in wrestling is a lot less than it is for basketball, so that puts our priority for our readers on the basketball games. For this meet I was able to spend a bit of time at the event. I set up a pair of SB-800 strobes set to 1/4 power in the bleachers and triggered them with Pocket Wizard radio slaves, allowing me to get pretty good light without creating harsh shadows of a on-camera flash.

Gallup Bengal wrestler Stephen Garcia lifts White Horse high's Travis Begay off balance Wednesday afternoon while wrestling at Wingate High School. Garcia pinned to Begay to win the match.
Sanders Valley Pirate Sheldon Murphy lifts Wingate Bears Marty Watah's foot Wednesday while trying to push him to the matt while wrestling in the 215 pound weight class at Wingate High School. Murphy pinned Watah to win the match.

White Horse high school's Nathaniel Tsosie wraps up Gallup Bengal Jeremy Macias while wrestling in the 125 pound weight class.
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