Sports Motion - Basketball Blur

Even though it is nice to have crisp, sharp photos from basketball games, the effect can sometimes come out a bit dead, or at least static. Some of the energy and the fluidity of the game gets lost by freezing things completely. So today I went with some safe, standard shots, then I slowed down the shutter and started to flash and pan to get some blur to the non-essential parts of the photos. Here's what I came up with:

Navajo Pine Warrior Jermaine Chee (14) takes to the baseline as he moves past Newcomb Skyhawks Larrin Yazzie (22) during Thursday evening's boys varsity basketball game at Navajo Pine High School in Navajo, NM. The Warriors defeated the Skyhawks 63-48.

Navajo Pine Warrior Tim Chee (1) dribbles the ball past Newcomb Skyhawk Shea Bowman(24).

Navajo Pine Warrior Walter Bia (3) dives after a loose ball to try and save it from going out of bounds.

Navajo Pine Warrior Pernell Begay (24) takes to the air as he goes to the hoop in front of a Newcomb Skyhawk.
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