Catching Up on Odds-n-Ends

Anybody that has kept watch on my blog knows that I often take a while to post things - and then do several postings in a spurt. This one is like that, soft of. The images below are from a couple of different assignments that I never posted information on, and so now they have the dubious honor of being part of this "Photo Dump."

The Dragon - I was assigned to take some advertising images inside one of the local Chinese restaurants. The light outside was crisp and as I was walking back to my car this snarling head caught my eye. I made the image just because, and later it got put into use on the community calendar.

Native American actress Irene Bedard came to town with her husband to plan some events they would have, including an acting workshop at the local branch campus of the University of New Mexico. In case you are curious, Bedard was the voice of Pocahontas in the animated movie, and also one of the stars of Smoke Signals. The movie is based loosely on the Sherman Alexi book The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (It is truly worth watching this movie, especially if you have no interactions with Native Americans).

This one is just a red light away from being an interesting image. As I sat in traffic I saw the smoke chang from black to white, a sure sign that a fire is being doused.

This final image is a detail using a 60mm Nikon micro lens. The pin is silver and hard to deal with, as it is highly reflective and also very small. I tried several things to light this, but always got reflections from the ceiling inside the Chamber of Commerce, and finally moved outside to a shaded area and let the blue sky and a bit of the warm colored wood above me reflect into the pin.

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