Hoops - Tohatchi vs. Zuni

Tohatchi Cougar Jake Arviso (51) collides with Zuni T-Bird Jared Eriacho (23) onhis way to the basket during the varsity boys basketball game in Tohatchi. Eriacho was called for a foul and Arviso sank the free-throws as the Cougars beat the T-Birds 65-54.

Tohatchi Cougar Kodi Leslie (43) takes a shot at the hoop Thursday night, despite the hand of Zuni T-Bird Raylon Chavez (50) blocking his line of sight.

In the chaos under the rim, Tohatchi Cougar Kodi Leslie (43) grabs the ball on a rebound and looks upward to take another shot at the hoop.

Overwhelmed by the excitement of Thursday night's varsity boys basketball game, three year-old Mary Willis stops to recover some energy at the Tohatchi High School gymnasium.
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