Incident at a Crime Scene

The assignment: Go and get some images from the scene where there was a shooting a few hours before. After getting there and not seeing much from the street I realized there was an alley behind the proprty and it was uneven enough that I could stand at a height enabling me to photograph above the top of the chainlink fence.

After a little more waiting I got the image that the newspaper needed - it has the gun in the evidence bag and the bullet hole in the window of the trailer.

McKinley County Sheriffs deputy Ron Saavedra carries an evidence bag containing a handgun out of a trailer with a bullet-hole in the window while he and deputy Matt Hughbanks investigate the scene of a shooting Friday at 703 Ray Avenue in Gamerco. One person was injured in the incident and deputies are interviewing persons of interest in the case.

After that shot I spent more time waiting for the deputies to finish their investigation so I could get details and check to see if any of them were under-cover. (One was, so out of respect for the dangers a UC-officer could face, I made certain not to show his face in anyhting I submitted).

While I was standing around I was also looking around. Being the middle of the day, most people were at work. So I looked at what was around, and came up with these two images, as much for fun as anything:

A cat pauses from cleaning itself to look out of an open storage shed Friday
morning along Ray Avenue in Gamerco.

The cat was only mildly intereted in all of the activity at the house across the street. With all of the dogs barking and roaming around the neighborhood I have to think that this is a pretty cool customer that knows when to be concerned about things and when to show indifference.

A small flock of common house sparrows perch along the support wire for a telephone pole Friday morning in Gamerco.
I wonder if the cat was aware that these birds were hanging out on this wire in the alley behind the crime scene...?

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