Major Drip

This photo is an illustration that I shot to go with a story about people that have not paid their water bills to the city here. There is a list of over 5,400 customers that are non-paying customers, including over 2,000 that have left town - like Holiday Inn ($10,515) and K-Mart ($27,582 owed). Others include the US DEpartment of Public Health (topping the list, owing $57,166), La Quinta Inn & Suites ($18,922), Best Western Inn & Suites ($16,810), Love's Country Store/Truck stop ($10,343) and the biggest total with multiple delinquent accounts is the Rehoboth McKinley County Healthcare - our hospital- with accounts as follows: $11,771, $11308, $11,282, $10,907; and the clinics - College Clinic: $8,730; Red Rock clinic:$5,819 for a grand total of $59,817!)
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