Stumbling Into Things - Sad Realities

I was driving back to the office today when I spotted this woman having a lot of trouble holding up a street sign just half a block away. I parked my car at the office and was walking back toward her when she started stumbling up the street and into our parking lot. This was one situation where a video would have been better able to convey how much staggering she did.

I am not really sure how she managed to get through the double glass doors and enter the office, but she did, then promptly had to hold on to the wall. In this second image she is not on the verge of vomiting, but rather is trying to pull her shirt collar up to hide her face. A few moments after this she fell to the floor.

I helped her back to her feet and asked if she needed help. She said that she did, and that her back was injured. I stood by her and had the receptionist call 911. A few moments later she staggered into the woman's bathroom.

When the fire and ambulance crews arrived I told them she claimed to be injured. After loading her into the ambulance I heard the driver call that they were leaving the scene with an intoxicated female. So much for her being injured.

At this point, I really do not know how to react - how to feel. In some ways there is humor in watching a person bobbing and weaving and staggering, all while managing to keep their feet underneath. In another way it is so sad to think about what a person has to be going through that they have let their existence come to this. Needing to drink to the point of collapse to drown out and forget about everything else.

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